The “Treasure Hunt Relay: Global Museum Director’s Choice” project was launched on September 6, initiated by and commenced by the National Museum of China (NMC). Hu Heping, Minister of Culture and Tourism of the People’s Republic of China, said in his congratulatory letterthat:

“As the Covid-19 pandemic is still spreading globally, closer international cooperation and more inspiring actions are required now more than ever before. At this time, the NMC has initiated this project, with 16 global top-level national museums participating. Sixteendirectors will present their iconic cultural treasures for a global audience in a relay format to illustrate the humanistic and historic value contained. Thanks to the latest technologies, our global audience can view the essence of human civilizations through the Web, which agrees with the idea that we have always advocated, thatall people living in a beautiful world of harmony and mutual respect.” As an ancient poem goes, distance cannot divide true friends who feel close even when they are thousands of miles apart, and exchanges can bridge the distance. Shouldering the mission of the industry, the world’s museums have joined hands to overcome difficulties, with friendship deepened and confidence enhanced through this relay. The museums’ unity attests to the concept of a global community of shared future, where civilizations coexist harmoniously, respect others and learn from each other.

Themed “Hand in Hand: Museum and Me”, the relay project attracted proactive responses and participation of 16 top museums around the world. The relay has five distinctive features: the first one is the wide participation of 16 museums from countries across six continents including the UK, South Africa, Australia, the US, South Korea and Argentina; the second feature is the high specification, as all the treasures are picked and introduced by the directors personally, so that global audiences can enjoy online the “director's choice” of the world’s top museums, and appreciate the charm of different cultures and civilizations; the third one isthe well-chosen centerpieces, as all the objects are the heavyweight treasures from these museums; the fourth is the new technology, as directors are gathering online for dialogues; the fifth are the multiple platforms. Museums introduced their treasures to the world via the Internet, TV, as well as various new media means, so that the global audience can enjoy them online anywhere. Museum resources are thus transformed and developed in a creative way.

On September 9, as the initiator and the first station, the NMC worked with China Media Group to produce a 60-minute treasure display for global audiences. The 8K shooting, AR, and animation were adopted in the live steam to showcase these collections on the large screen, providing an immersive experience for our audience. Wang Chunfa, director of the NMC, introduced to the audience in the live stream the Eagle-shaped Pottery Tripod, the Rhinoceros-shaped Bronze Wine Vessel (zun) Inlaid with Gold and Silver Cloud Design, the Painting of Fuxi and Nuwa, the Bronze Figure Model for Acupuncture and Moxibustion historical value, and the Porcelain Jar with Swallows and Gold-painted Design, as well as their historical, aesthetic, scientific and cultural values. After that, director Wang answered the audiences’ questions. Displayed in 8K resolution and immersive AR, the “director’s choices” were vividly presented more clearly and smooth. Nearly 20 platforms joined in on the live streaming. An audience of tens of millions, at home and abroad, watched and interacted with the online display, enjoying the brilliance of China’s five-thousand-year civilization.

Startingfrom September 7, two museums’ treasures will beintroduced every day, each episode lasting about 60 minutes. The broadcast includes a conversation between the NMC director and a foreign director, and then the foreign director’s introduction of their museum treasures. Up to now, the State Historical Museum of Russia, the National Museum in Warsaw of Poland and the National Museum of Slovenia have successfully carried out their broadcasts. In the conversations, the foreign directors highly appraised NMC for holding this project. Dr. Aleksei Levykin, director of the State Historical Museum of Russia, said that “I also think that recently we have found some special approaches to develop, including open network, online software and online tourism. We are prepared to collaborate with your museum in this area.” Prof. ?ukasz Gawe?, director of the National Museum in Warsaw of Poland, said that “In the difficult times of the pandemic, it is crucial for the cultural institutions, especially museums, to focus on bringing hope and comfort to the world by presenting art.”

To better present the splendor of the global museums’ treasures, the National Museum of China will publicize the whole process of this relay on its official website and other new media platforms. Besides, the NMC also created H5 pages for the museum treasures, as well as a beautiful and gorgeous website in Chinese and English, on which the audiences can enjoy the displays anytime and from anywhere.


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