The National Museum of China (NMC) is China's foremost institution that collects, researches, displays and interprets representative material evidence that fully reflects China's outstanding traditional culture, revolutionary culture and advanced socialist culture. It is the supreme palace of Chinese history, culture and art and the "cultural lounge" of China. To better build the brand image of the NMC and promote its brand affinity and influence, we hereby launch our cartoon image contest to the public.


I. Contest Theme

1. The cartoon image design schemes should reflect the NMC's status as the supreme palace of Chinese history, culture and art and incorporate the NMC's rich collections as design elements. They should be composed of a main image and sub-images that embody features from the NMC's main duties and services.

2. Required materials: Participants should submit both the black and white and color drawings of their graphic design, and name the cartoon images to make the images memorable and facilitate their dissemination;

Optional materials: Participants can also submit multi-view drawings of their entries and derivative design plans.

3. The design schemes should include a design philosophy (approximately 300 English words) and a background story (approximately 600 English words) covering the cartoon character's personality, experience and other traits.


II. Eligible Participants

The contest is open to everyone who supports the development of the NMC. There are no restrictions based on nationality or professional background.


III. Contest Duration

1. Submission of entries: July 10 – September 25

2. Preliminary judging: September 26 – September 30

3. Online display and voting: October 1 – October 8

4. Expert review: Middle of October

5. Announcement of results: End of October


IV. Submission Method

1. Please email your entry and application form (scanned copy of PDF file with signature) to

2. Your email subject line should read: "NMC cartoon image contest + name of individual/team participants."


V. Submission Requirements

1. The entry should be a complete design scheme, including a main cartoon image and sub-images that embody different elements of the NMC’s main duties and services. A design description should also be attached.

2. There are no limitations on the design technique (please upload an HD scanned copy of your hand drawings, if any). Entries must be submitted as email attachments in PDF or RGB format; A4 (297×210 mm);no larger than50MB.

3. All entries must be original works. Any participants found guilty of plagiarism shall be immediately disqualified from the contest, with any relevant legal liabilities borne by the participants.

4. Participants should ensure all materials contained in their design are used in accordance with the law and bear the corresponding legal liabilities.

5. To ensure the fairness and transparency of the competition, any information that can be used to identify the participants is strictly prohibited in the design scheme. Entries containing such information shall be deemed invalid.

6.In case of multiple entries, only the final submission shall be considered for judging.

7. Participants should keep the high-definition original designs (in AI, CDR or PSD format, with a resolution of no less than 300dpi) or the original hand drawings of their entries. Winners will need to submit these designs in order to collect their prize.


VI. Selection Process

The selection of winning entries involves online voting and an expert review.

1. Online voting: Shortlisted entries will be displayed on the dedicated page for the contest on the NMC's official website for public voting. Any attempt to manipulate the voting process will result in the offending parties being disqualified from the contest.

2. Expert review: The top 25 entries will be selected based on online voting results, which will then be reviewed by a panel of experts from the NMC and other institutions. Combining the results of the online voting and expert panel review, several prizes will be awarded. The final results will be released on the NMC’s official website and its relevant platforms.

Note: For award-winning entries, the individual/team participants shall sign a letter of commitment with the NMC, and the NMC shall have the full right to use the winning design. The NMC shall also possess its copyright (ownership, right of use, right of modification, right of combination, right of publishing, right of communication, etc.). The NMC has the right to appropriately modify the selected design scheme and its designer(s) shall actively cooperate with the NMC to improve it.


VII. Selection Criteria

1. Accuracy: The design shall reflect the NMC's image, demonstrate the NMC's character and features, and embrace the NMC's most representative cultural relics as the core design elements to showcase the vitality of China’s excellent traditional, revolutionary and advanced socialist cultures.

2. Novelty: The design shall be imaginative, coherent and original, with a clear idea and complete expression.

3. Artistry: The design shall have a rational structure, attractive appearance and unified style with a harmonious use of color.

4. Amicability: The cartoon images shall be amicable, vivid and cute with a healthy and positive attitude. They shall be appealing to people of different cultural backgrounds, genders and ages.

5. Practicability: The design scheme shall be conducive to being expanded to derivative designs, in order to facilitate the image and brand promotion of the NMC at home and abroad.


VIII. Prizes

First Place: 1 candidate, RMB 20,000 prize + certificate;

Second Place: 2 candidates, RMB 10,000 prize + certificate;

Third Place: 3 candidates, RMB 5,000 prize + certificate;

Honorable Mention: 10 candidates, RMB 1,000 prize + certificate.


1. All the monetary prizes are pre-tax and in RMB, the taxes of which shall be paid by the winners according to national laws and regulations (income tax will be withheld and paid by the NMC).

2. Prizes for team-based winners shall be signed and received by the authorized representative; for participants without full capacity for civil conduct, the prize shall be accepted by their legal guardians.


IX. Organization

1. The NMC is the organizer of the contest and is responsible for organizing all relevant affairs. The information and files for download will be released through the official website of the NMC (

2. The NMC is responsible for organizing the expert panel of the contest and strictly reviewing all the submitted entries.

3. The NMC reserves the right of final interpretation of the cartoon image contest.