On April 24, 1970, the "DFH-I" artificial satellite was launched, making China the fifth country to independently develop and launch satellites.

On April 23, 2020, Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, President of the People’s Republic of China and Chairman of the Central Military Commission, wrote back to the senior scientists that participated in the Dongfanghong Program, extending sincere greetings to them and putting forward high expectations to the space workers on fostering the "Two Bombs and One Satellite" spirit and accelerating the building of a country strong on aerospace.

Xi Jinping said in his reply that he was deeply moved by their dedication to the Dongfanghong Program and China's aerospace industry in their youth and deep concern about its future in their old age.

He stressed that no matter how conditions change, the spirit of self-reliance and arduous struggle can never be lost. Space workers in the new era should follow the examples of the old generation, vigorously carry forward the spirit when developing the "Two Bombs and One Satellite", brave all difficulties and obstacles, and climb towards the peak of space science, so that the Chinese people can make more steady and further progress in exploring space and realize the great dream of building a country strong on aerospace as soon as possible.

On April 24, 2020, on the occasion of the fifth "Space Day of China", the "Forever Dongfanghong: Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Launch of DFH-I Cloud Exhibition" was opened online, jointly sponsored by the National Museum of China and the China Academy of Space Technology.

It was the first time that the National Museum of China used digital technologies such as three-dimensional modeling and panoramic roaming, and utilized multimedia to hold an online exhibition. With 5G communication technology, the exhibition was linked with several live broadcast platforms, accelerating the NMC's online development and forecasting the advent of a Smart Museum era. Visitors can experience and interact with the NMC anytime and anywhere during the cloud exhibition. To prepare for this cloud exhibition, the NMC and the China Academy of Space Technology have also produced three H5 mini-programs, inviting visitors to appreciate the development of "DFH-I" and personally play the melody of Dongfanghong to praise the history.

The cloud exhibition has four parts: "Melody in the Space", "50 Years of Forging Ahead", "Spiritual Strength" and "Achievements of a Country Strong on Aerospace". These themes recollect the development of the "DFH-I" satellite, demonstrate the great achievements in China's space industry in the past 50 years since the launch of DFH-I, and vividly expound the spirit that has been continuously inherited and developed in space programs. Through digital resources such as text, pictures, audio, 8 videos, and more than ten 3D models, nearly 50 sets of precious materials of "DFH-I""Shenzhou" and "Chang'e" space programs were exhibited, covering manuscripts, mission letters, lists, stamps, simulators, spacesuits and many other categories, including nearly 20 personal exhibits such as nuclear physicist Deng Jiaxian's arithmometer and astronaut Yang Liwei's in-cabin spacesuits in "Shenzhou V" manned spacecraft.

Wang Chunfa, director of the National Museum of China, and Zhang Hongtai, president of the China Academy of Space Technology, jointly opened this heart-touching cloud exhibition.

Wang Chunfa pointed out that the NMC gives priority to the strategy of online development, expanding cloud resources to attract the public. The NMC will take online exhibition and publicity as its main approaches to stimulate the vitality and vigor of Chinese excellent traditional culture. This cloud exhibition has designed several hotspot interactive activities in the virtual exhibition hall, putting forward the intelligent era featuring "cloud exhibition + 5G live tour + immersion experience + in-depth participation + online interaction" of the NMC. By transforming data resources to supportcloud development through new media and technologies, the NMC will blaze a new trial on cultural exhibitions.

Zhang Hongtai pointed out that during this period of the national anti-epidemic fight, it both urges and encourages us to review the glorious research and development of "DFH-I" by the Chinese astronauts under the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee, thanks to their self-reliance, arduous struggle and strong coordination, and China's institutional advantages.

At 20:00 on the same day, the "Forever Dongfanghong" cloud exhibition began simultaneously with the 5G live broadcast guidance on more than 20 channels of 9 platforms. Hu Qizheng, one of the senior scientists who wrote to General Secretary Xi Jinping and an 85-year-old member of the "DFH-I" expert team, appeared as a guest of honor in the studio to share the extraordinary years of satellite research and development. Pang Zhihao, a researcher at the China Academy of Space Technology, and Zhao Mengyang, a full-time guide at the NMC, gave wonderful interpretation to the viewers.

This cloud exhibition is located in the North 1 Cloud Gallery of the NMC. It will be held online for the public to enjoy at all times.