As of March 9, the Weibo topic "NMC Cloud Exhibitions" set by the National Museum of China (NMC) has topped 100 million views.

Since the NMC was closed due to the COVID-19 epidemic, in order to thoroughly implement the instructions of CPC General Secretary Xi Jinping during this period, to meet the intellectual and cultural needs of the public at home, the NMC's publicity channels such as its official website, WeChat, Weibo and Douyin (TikTok) accounts have adjusted the daily updates in a timely manner. Adhering to the principle of "high-quality exhibition, constructive lessons and fine cultural relics", the NMC publicity channels take the advantage of digital resources to create a new mode of museum visiting, namely "Cloud Exhibitions" online.

Among the channels, the Weibo account set the topic "NMC Cloud Exhibitions" on January 24, releasing the quality content of over 60 fine exhibition websites, over 40 virtual exhibition halls and over 50 exhibition video clips related to exhibitions of the museum. The public can enjoy a new exhibition online every day. The Weibo account has also released the elaborate "NMC Lecture Picks" based on high-quality "NMC Lectures", and set up columns such as "NMC Fine Collections" and "Cloud Appreciation of NMC Collections" to help visitors enjoy the NMC's fine works more clearly, closer and more comprehensively through cultural relics introduction videos and AR interactive images. Integrated with the "Cloud Live Broadcast"on Douyin and Taobao, the account has launched the "Cloud Tour" with excellent museum guides to enrich and upgrade NMC's cloud exhibition program.

Meanwhile, the Weibo account has given full play to its advantages of "short, adaptable and fast", "lively, interesting and interactive". In addition to cultural knowledge, it has also publicized positive energy to the public. A number of interesting and interactive online activities were also elaborately launched. For instance, the activity "Pictures for Knowledge", by selecting the gauze curtain pictures of the exhibition "The Uniqueness of Zhou Dynasty Artifacts: Archaeological Finds from Liujiawa, Shaanxi Province", set interactive quizzes on the shape of bronze wares and the corresponding ancient characters, triggering many cultural and art lovers to participate. And a meme activity themed on "Anti-epidemic Guidance from Characters of The Story of the Stone" also publicized the correct epidemic prevention methods that the public love.

During this period, the series activities of "Cloud Exhibition" on the NMC's website, WeChat, Weibo, Douyin accounts and other platforms received high praise from the public. Comments are that "The National Museum of China satisfies everyone's taste", "What a wonderful column" and "Thanks to the museum’s media staff for sticking to their posts and guiding us to enjoy the exhibition online".