This is the first panoramic exhibition of Asian cultural relics.

This is an endeavor to pursue President Xi Jinping’s important initiative on organizing the Conference on the Dialogue of Asian Civilizations. It is a carnival of Asian civilizations staged with over 400 cultural relics from all 47 Asian countries as well as Greek, Egyptian and other ancient civilizations.

On May 13, 2019, the NMC shined with “The Splendor of Asia: An Exhibition of Asian Civilizations”, a part of the important cultural activities supplementing the CDAC. The exhibition co-sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and State Administration of Cultural Heritage of China is organized by the NMC and China Cultural Relics Exchange Center; it will last till this August.

Present at the Opening Ceremony were Huang Kunming, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Head of the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee, Minister Luo Shugang of Culture and Tourism, Wang Xiaohui, Executive Deputy Minister of the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee, Xu Lin, Deputy Minister of the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee and Director of the Information Office of the State Council, Kong Xuanyou, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Du Feijin, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Beijing Municipal Committee and Director of the Publicity Department of the CPC Beijing Municipal Committee, Director Wang Chunfa of the NMC, the guests from the UNESCO’s Office in China, ambassadors to China and envoys from 33 countries including Azerbaijan and Cambodia as well as the representatives from the delegations of participating countries, and from provincial/municipal bureaus of cultural relics, the Palace Museum and other museums across China. Huang Kunming declared the exhibition open and the Opening Ceremony was hosted by Liu Yuzhu, Director of State Administration of Cultural Heritage of China.

Luo Shugang said in his speech that Asia is an important cradle of human civilization where diverse ancient civilizations have been born. The interaction and mutual enhancement among the civilizations have left splendid marks in the history of world civilization. This exhibition has made many records in terms of the number of participating countries, the number of exhibits and the exquisiteness of the cultural relics; it is a carnival of cultural relics, of cultures, and of civilizations.

Deputy Minister of Culture and Fine Arts of Cambodia欧文·楚什indicated that he was honored to see Cambodia bring 10 pieces of precious cultural heritage for this exhibition to showcase the Asian civilization together with China and other countries, which reflected the solidarity among Asian countries.



Exhibition Hall of “The Splendor of Asia: An Exhibition of Asian Civilizations”

Civilizations become diversified through communication and get enriched through mutual learning. The Conference on the Dialogue of Asian Civilization initiated by President Xi Jinping will open in Beijing on May 15, 2019, which will focus on such topics as the exchanges and mutual learning among Asian civilizations and the community of a shared future. To supplement the Conference, a series of exhibitions of cultural relics of Asian civilizations are held. Besides this exhibition which opens today, “Sharing a Common Future: Exhibition of Treasures from National Museum along the Silk Road” which the NMC has gone all out to stage is also among the series of exhibitions.

As the top palace of history and culture and cultural parlor for China, the NMC shoulders the mission entrusted by the state. Since 2018 the NMC has held the Forum of Museum Directors from Across the Country, the First Conference of BRICS Alliance of Museums, the First Conference of the International Alliance of Museums of the Silk Road and the International Forum of Museum Directors. We live up to our role and go all out to bring life to the cultural relics at the exhibition, recount stories about diverse civilizations, provide the visitors from home and abroad with wonderful cultural experience, to write up new chapters on mutual learning among civilizations that appreciate each other’s strengths.