As the integration of production and life experience as well as aesthetic pursuits, arts and craft works condense the incomparable craftsman spirit and creative spirit of the working people and craftsmen of generations past. They are the concentrated expression of the material and spiritual civilization of mankind and have always been cherished by all walks of life in China. Fujian has a long history of arts and crafts with a wide variety of categories, unique folk styles and strong regional characteristics. With a firm belief in the maxim “people should devote their heart and soul to their careers,” the accomplished local artists elaborately depict the magnificent landscapes of the country and the happy lives of its people to carry forward the traditional virtues and culture of the Chinese nation.

Fujian traditional crafts are the epitome of traditional Fujian culture. "Explore the Ingenuity: Fujian Traditional Crafts Exhibition" is based on the cultural relics of the Fujian Museum, supplemented by the collections of the National Museum of China. In addition, it also showcases more than ten exquisite new works created by local contemporary arts and crafts artists.

The exhibition is divided into five units, namely "Artistic Crafts," "Ingenious Craftsmanship," "Colorful Lacquerware," "Connotative Stonework" and "Oriental Charm." It systematically presents more than 200 arts and crafts works of different periods, which fully demonstrate the cultural heritage and rich connotations of the traditional crafts of Fujian. It not only expresses common stylistic elements found across the Chinese nation, but also contains strong regional characteristics of Fujian. All the exhibits are of profound artistic charm and high aesthetic value.

Unit I Artistic Crafts

This unit mainly displays the daily utensils and folk articles from ancient to modern times to show the great diversity and splendor of Fujian folk crafts.

Unit II Ingenious Craftsmanship

This unit mainly displays wood carvings, bamboo carvings and other craft works to showcase the variations in carving techniques and materials across the different regions of Fujian.

Unit III Colorful Lacquerware

This unit mainly displays the craftsmanship of various Fuzhou lacquerware. Fuzhou lacquer craftsmanship is known for its unique expression methods and production systems, which still represent the highest level of lacquer art in the world today.

Unit IV Connotative Stonework

This unit mainly displays Shoushan stone seals and ornaments to show the craftsmanship of Shoushan stone carving.

Unit V Oriental Charm

This unit mainly displays Dehua white porcelain from the Ming and Qing dynasties to the modern era to show its craftsmanship and cultural influence.