The year 2020 is an unusual year in human history. The sudden outbreak of Covid-19 has transformed into a worldwide pandemic, posing a serious threat to human life and the development of the world economy. Facing a complex situation never before seen, the CPC Central Committee with Xi Jinping at its core put people's health and safety first, and made overall plans for the prevention of the Covid-19 pandemic and the protection of economic and social development. It called for a nationwide effort to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus and committed to defending Hubei Province and its capital city Wuhan from the pandemic. Since the outbreak of Covid-19, the whole country has paid a huge price to safeguard people's lives and made significant contributions to the maintenance of global public health security. The National Museum of China, together with the China Artists Association and the China Calligraphers Association, are jointly holding "Unity is Strength: An Art Exhibition on the Fight Against Covid-19." The purpose of this exhibition is to highlight China's efforts in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic through artistic works, to record the memories of the Chinese people who came together and fought the pandemic as one, and to demonstrate China's responsibility as a major country in dealing with the outbreak of a major public health emergency.

The exhibition displays artworks created amid the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, comprising traditional Chinese paintings, oil paintings, woodblock paintings, watercolor paintings, posters, comic strips, sculptures, calligraphy, seal carvings and handicrafts. These artworks mainly focus on scenes of patients being treated and daily pandemic prevention work being carried out, as well as the safeguarding of people's daily lives in the affected areas, the resumption of work and production, the delivery of overseas medical aid and more. The exhibition comprehensively and vividly depicts the Chinese people's arduous battle against the pandemic as well as their great fighting spirit. The artworks are created by renowned senior artists with decades of experience, tireless artists known for their creativity and up-and-coming artists emerging from the grassroots. They vividly depict scenes from people's lives in the fight against the pandemic, bearing witness to the struggle. The unyielding bravery and solidarity of the Chinese people displayed during the fight against Covid-19 have strong artistic impact and an infectious spirit.

Artists in Action

The China Artists Association received a total of 75,147 works of art in different forms. This unit exhibits 96 traditional Chinese paintings, oil paintings, watercolor paintings, sketches, posters, comic strips and more.

Calligraphers in Action

This unit exhibits 40 themed calligraphy and seal carving (stamped and printed) works created by celebrated calligraphers and seal carving artists at the invitation of the National Museum of China and the China Calligraphers Association.

The Masses in Action

This unit exhibits 41 fine arts, calligraphy and seal carving works created by amateur artists from across the country.