Over the course of history, various regions in the world have given birth to a number of ancient civilizations,which are mutually complementary and have made important contributions to the development and progress of human civilization.The splendid Asian civilizations have a vital position in the history of human civilizations that lasted for several thousand years.Today, Asia still has an outstanding feature of high diversity, and different civilizations, ethnic groups and religions gather and blend here andform a big and colorful family.

The long history and splendid culture constitute an important part of Asian civilizations, from which we can draw nourishment from even at the present time.Asian countries have reached a consensus on valuing the historical cultures andpromoting mutual learning among civilizationsfor a better future.The Asian peopleare more capable of and confident in than ever before joining hands toachieve prosperity and happiness andcontributing wisdom and strength to promoting the building of a community with a shared future for mankind.