Throughout the over 5,000-year history of the Chinese civilization,book edition plays a major role incultural inheritance. From the unique perspective of edition, this exhibition showcases the prosperity of socialist culture over the past 70 years, reflects the extraordinary development history of New China, and gives visitors a view ofthe historic success of New China in the fields of economy, politics, society, culture, science and technology.

The exhibition consists of areas of “Editions of Leaders’ Works”, “Editions of Books of Social Sciences”, “Editions ofBooks of Literature and Art”, “Editions of Books of Science and Technology”, “Editions of Books ofCollation of Ancient Classics”, and“Editions of Comics”, as well as the special areas of “Editions of Books in the New Era”, with a total of about 12,000 representative editions published since the founding of New China. The editions carry on Chinese culture, tell China’s stories, embody the workmanship of publishers, andbear the sweet memories of several generations of the Chinese people. In addition, exhibition areas of paper-based book editions and online book editions were set up to ensure that visitors have better reading experience.