Art and science are great creations of mankind born from the practice of production. They represent two ways mankind understands and transforms the world because they fully display the remarkable imagination and creativity of human beings. A general survey of the development of human civilization shows that artistic innovation and scientific and technological progress have been supporting and complementing each other in their perfect integration. In the new era, we can see enormous potential and vast room for improvement in the interaction between the two fields.

Mr. Yin Yi has been engaged in the practice and exploration of the integration between art and science and technology for many years. On the one hand, he aims to improve his painting and artistic accomplishment and apply technology in changing his ink strokes so as to seek more diversified artistic language and conception. On the other hand, when it comes to painting methods and materials, he aims to use technology covering optics, chemistry and material science to constantly optimize his creations. He combines many kinds of new materials and new painting techniques to create beautiful artistic conceptions in the world of wash and ink, which has expanded the forms of creation for contemporary wash and ink paintings, enriched the aesthetic connotations of wash and ink art, and formed a unique artistic style. This is a vivid example of having the courage to innovate in the pursuit of perfection in art and offering excellent works for the people.

Art + Science: Exhibition of Yin Yi's Works in Painting Scientific Research, jointly held by the National Museum of China, the China Artists Association and the Silk Road Planning and Research Center, exhibits more than 100 paintings in different styles created in different periods. They show the achievements Yin Yi has made in the exploration of pluralistic creation, and demonstrate the overall structure, systematic division, logical relationship and in-depth contemplation of the comprehensive research he conducted while in charge of the implementation of several scientific research projects at and above the provincial and ministerial levels.

We sincerely hope that visitors can feel the unique charm, artistic conception and spiritual connotations in the contemporary wash and ink art of Yin Yi through this exhibition, and that they can come to appreciate the enormous space for creativity brought by the integration of art and science and technology, further strengthen their confidence in our culture, and make due contributions to the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.