Zun is a wine vessel. According to size, these wine vessels can be classified into three categories: those with shoulder and big mouth, those shaped like a bell with an upward opening, and those carrying bird and beast designs. The vessels with bird and beast designs look like sculptures with a very strong three-dimensional sense and an accurate barycenter. This bronze wine vessel with the design of owl, a ferocious bird, belongs to those with bird and beast designs. The whole vessel uses thunder pattern as the background, the beak and breast carry cicada pattern, the two sides of the neck carry the Kui pattern (Kui is a legendary dragon with one horn and one foot), the wings carry snake pattern and the tail has the design of a flying owl. The whole piece has rich, delicate and diverse patterns. In appearance, this owl looks solemn and powerful with its two legs and tail form a triangle support the vessel. The shape is firm and lifelike. It is a perfect combination of plane and three-dimensional designs. Inside the vessel’s mouth are two inscribed characters “Fuhao”, the name of a woman. The oracle inscriptions during the reign of the King Wuding of the Shang Dynasty have many records about this woman. Being the wife of the king, Fuhao involved herself in major state affairs, participated in wars, and presided over sacrificial ceremonies. She led troops to conquer many parts of the country, thus enjoying an illustrious status and being a legendary figure. (Yang Yang)