The National Museum of China (NMC) houses a collection of 1.4 million pieces/sets, covering diverse aspects of social development from remote antiquity to contemporary times. With a collection including nearly 6,000 pieces/sets of national Grade I cultural relics of high historical, scientific and artistic value, the NMC gives a comprehensive and systematic presentation of the fine traditional Chinese culture, revolutionary culture and advanced socialist culture of China and it is a treasure house reflecting the history of Chinese civilization.

As a national museum, the NMC has put in place a set of stringent rules on theconservationof its collection and has developed a sound conservation system of the collection. Besides, it has stepped up efforts to sort through the collected items and makes a point of exploring the intrinsic value of the collected items to bring into play their unique role of confirming and embodying history. In response to the call of the times and the demand of social development, the NMC makes public the information of the collected items at proper time to share its collection and to enhance the prestige and social values of the collected artifacts.