Hand Painted Scroll of Silk Road on Song brocade, 21 meters in length and stringing together more than 40 pieces of historical text, more than 80 important figures and more than 70 major events, was collected by the National Museum of China not long ago.

It connects the whole course from the sericulture in ancient times to the construction of the "new Silk Road" in the contemporary society. Through the way of systematic painting narration based on a timeline, it reproduced the development of civilization and classical cultural events on China’s Silk Road in different periods.

Song brocade is also known as "Song brocade in Suzhou" since it is mainly produced in Suzhou. As one of traditional Chinese silk handicrafts, it is praised as top three schools of famous brocade in our country together with Yun brocade in Nanjing and Shu brocade in Sichuan. In 2006, Song brocade was included in the list of the first batch of national-level intangible cultural heritage. Furthermore, in September 2009, it was included by UNESCO in its List of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Recently, in July 2019, the scroll was accepted as a world record by Carrying The Flag World Records Limited for the reason that "Hand Painted Scroll of Silk Road on Song brocade is the longest silkhandicraft made by the Songbrocadeweaving technique in the world."