It includes the following duties: organization, service and management of audience; accepting suggestions, complaints and feedbacks on the service of audience; strengthening of the administration of volunteers; implementing tour of inspection, management and solution; leading the quality appraisal of front-line services; fulfilling duties concerning control, maintenance and management of electromechanical devices in the building; organizing and implementing repair projects about infrastructure; advancing the construction of energy-saving buildings; organizing and implementing safeguarding and fire protection of NMC; undertaking tour of security inspection around buildings and storage areas and security guarding activities for significant events; and making sure of the safety of displays and exhibitions, collections of NMC and visitors to the museum.

Audience service:  Ma Xianjun   Tel: 65119281

Equipment management:  Li Peng   Tel: 65119901

Safety and security:  Zhang Maofu   Tel: 65119144