The museum implements the spirit and decisions and arrangements of the Party Central Committee in a comprehensive manner; enhances the construction of grassroots Party organizations and cultivation of working style of the Party and incorrupt government; conducts strategic planning and research of the museum; prepares mid- and long-term development plan for the museum; disseminates and demonstrates the image of National Museum of China; pushes forward the overall operation of government affairs of the museum; handles legal affairs; conducting deployment, recruitment and training of talents; carries out internal financial control and assets management; promotes scientific research; organizes and hosts various academic activities; and provides quality services for the retired.

Office of director:  Yu Jiannan   Tel: 65119030

Human resources:  Liu Jianmei   Tel: 65119035

Scientific research management:  Wang Zhiqiang   Tel: 65119071

News and media:  Yu Xiaojie   Tel: 65119312