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Original 1933 Documentary about General Yang Hucheng Donated to NMC


On June 29, 2015, the ceremony for the donation of the original 1933 documentary about General Yang Hucheng was held in the National Museum of China (NMC). Those present at the ceremony included Director Lu Zhangshen, Party Secretary Huang Zhenchun, and General Yang’s grandchildren Yang Xie, Yang Qi, Yang Ji and Yang Han. Deputy Director Chen Lusheng presided over the ceremony.

General Yang was the first of the senior Kuomintang generals to publicly request resistance against Japanese invasion in order to save China. In 1933, Yang sponsored the Shanghai-based Star Motion Picture Company to film a documentary in northwestern China in a bid to present his request. The documentary successfully promoted his proposal among the public. After General Yang was murdered, the film, as it was a precious visual recording of Yang’s great achievements, was well preserved by his offspring. On the 70th anniversary of the victory of the Chinese People’s War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression, General Yang’s grandchildren Yang Xie, Yang Qi, Yang Ji and Yang Han, decided to donate the film to China as the nation could provide a better environment to protect the invaluable material. Donating it to China would also provide more people an opportunity to understand General Yang’s achievements.. The NMC has the pleasure of including it in its collection.

At the donation ceremony, Director Lu Zhangshen granted the Certificate of Donation to General Yang’s offspring and praised their patriotism. The precious film about General Yang Hucheng’s achievements will not only enrich the NMC’s collection, but will also promote General Yang’s heroic deeds,prove very significant and valuable to academic studies,  and reinforce an understanding of the customs and culture in China’s northwest regions in the 1930s. The NMC hereby expresses our heartfelt thanks and respect to General Yang’s offspring for their patriotism and generosity as well as for their devotion to China’s museums and cultural heritage undertakings. 

Yang Han, grandson of General Yang Hucheng, donated the original film of the documentary to the NMC on behalf of his other family members and introduced the historical background of its production.

Guests present at the ceremony watched the footage recording General Yang Hucheng’s review of the troops. (Photo/ Dong Qing)


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