The Joint Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition of Chen Peiqiu and Master Zhaocheng

Date : October 19, 2016 -October 30, 2016
Venue : Gallery S3
Hosted by: Shanghai Research Institute of Culture and History, Shanghai Academy for Traditional Chinese Painting, and Shanghai Longhua Temple

What make this exhibition stand out are the two artists it features.

The first is Chen Peiqiu, a highly regarded painter in contemporary China. She draws inspiration from the style of paintings of Song and Yuan dynasties and the use of colors in western paintings and is particularly known for her blue and green landscape paintings. In her nineties, she is still productive and paints several blue and green landscape paintings, bird & flower paintings and calligraphies for this exhibition, which is admirable. The other is Master Zhaocheng at Longhua Temple, a 1,000-year-old temple in Shanghai. He loves traditional Chinese culture, especially traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy. His paintings and calligraphies feature simple, strong brushes, and are witty and subtle with limited brushes.

Their enviable friendship is based on the exchange on Buddhist teachings, calligraphy and paintings regardless of the age gap. This exhibition displays over 100 calligraphies and paintings by them, showing their superb artistic skills and devotion to traditional Chinese culture. Their persistence and passion for inheriting, safeguarding and advocating traditional Chinese culture is fully conveyed in every brush of their works.

With “Nature as the teacher outside and the heart as the source inside”, the works exhibited here are all inspired by Nature, come from the bottom of the heart of artists, and are presented with Buddhist interpretation, constituting perfect harmony between Buddhist teachings, artworks and Nature.